This 2 headed running attack by committe thing just is not working for this team. Parker was completely shut down yesterday and really hasn't been consistent all year since he's been hurt so much. Last week against the Pats you could see he wasn't able to plant that left knee and cut with any stability at all and this week Dallas just had his number.

Moore was just effective enough to make some plays and really he was the hotter hand of the too. Arians said he will play the hot hand no matter who it is but that strategy seems to be to wrong one. I understand you want the most effective guy out there and all that but in the midst of you trying to figure out who is having the better day you're QB is getting killed and the offense is stalling out. Honestly when is the last time you saw a Steeler team with the weak link being the running game? I know it's been quite awhile and this year though is worse than ever. We just cannot consistently do anything in the ground game. 1 week we're rushing for 150-200 yds and the next we can't even break 70 yds much less 100. At this point as much as I love Parker we may be better off just putting in Moore right from the start and using Parker in a limited role till we see how he's going to respond.

Russell is doing tremendous both on kickoff returns and short yardage; he's doing all he's asked and then some. He's our power guy and I wouldn't mind seeing more of him. All I know is that heading into the postseason we better figure out something because we can ill afford an ineffective running attack in the playoffs.