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Thread: Rumor Mill: Marty Schottenheimer to Cleveland

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    Rumor Mill: Marty Schottenheimer to Cleveland

    Rumor Mill: Marty Schottenheimer to Cleveland

    Posted Dec 7th 2008 8:25PM by Bruce Ciskie (author feed)
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    Earlier, my superbly awesome colleague Will Brinson offered up some rumors about Romeo Crennel's future, which obviously will no longer include being the Browns' head coach. After all, we are fully aware that he is to blame for the Browns' myriad of injuries, as well as Braylon Edwards' inability to catch a football.

    You're bound to hear interesting rumors at this time of year, as we get closer and closer to the NFL coaching "silly season" (apologies to NASCAR for use of their term there). Sunday's juiciest nugget came from ESPN's Chris Mortensen. He reported that the Browns have their eye on a familiar face to take over the team after they fire Crennel.

    Yeah, that guy.

    Obviously, the speculation continues to swirl around Bill Cowher making a return to coaching with the Browns. However, Mort says the Browns aren't stupid. They know it's not a mortal lock that Cowher will want to coach again. Clearly, they want an experienced coach.

    Hopefully, if they go the way of Marty Schottenheimer, they let him hire his own staff. I'm not a big fan of retread coaches. Marty's regular-season record is amazing, and his playoff meltdown in San Diego was gripping. I understand he has experience, but how many chances is he going to get to prove he's not what we all think he is?

    (By the way, major props to our boy Michael David Smith, who called for this move in February of 2007. Simply amazing.)

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    Cowher last week, Schottenheimer this week maybe JoPa next week.
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    Next they will talk to Bernie Kosar about coming out of retirement to be the starting QB....Really Marty Ball?......But Marty was the HC the last time the Browns were a legit NFL I can't blame the Browns for living in the

    Marty would be a great choice for us Steelers fans to since we know he will never lead the Browns to the Super Bowl...That man is just to damn conservitive......He taught Cowher well......But at least Cowher did go to two Super Bowls with one win......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    Cowher last week, Schottenheimer this week maybe JoPa next week.
    Good one

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    Please tell me that they get Marty Ball back

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