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Thread: Steelers vs. Falcons (Wk. 7)

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    House of Steel
    You are exactly right, TG. I collected my thoughts after typing that post game report and said to myself, why am I griping so much, why am I complaining too much? We won a Super Bowl for crying outloud. Although, I realize we've been spoiled way beyond. I think this team needs to realize, YO we are in a term of desperation and we need to deliver to salvage our playoffs hope. One more loss, and I am going to really be depressed. Thank God for Madden 2006!!!

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    I always pride myself on being level headed, staying positive and looking at the facts before reacting but in the game day thread, thats my time to let loose and just vent off the top of my head as I react to what I see. Everybody needs to blow off steam. I will never give up on this team, never say die, never stop bleeding black n gold, that much I know for a fact.

    Yes we were spoiled last year with winning the last 4 games in a row, then winning on the road in the playoffs and then winning the SB so we have alot to be thankful for...but right now all that seems very far away as we watch our guys struggle through this season.

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    I think it was really 04 that spoiled us all and of course winning the Super Bowl because now we expect nothing less than a trophy, especially since it's practically the exact same team!

    Things are definitely said in the heat of the moment in this thread and we all need not read into it a whole lot. There are a lot of loyal fans here and I would hate to see anyone leave because their loyalty is being questioned over a comment that spilled in the gameday thread because they were pissed off! We all get pissed off and say things we normally don't say! I just hope my wife never reads my comments in the gameday thread because then she'll want to know what the **** is

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    My take on it all I might complain and be critical of the Steelers. But at the end of the day they are my team and they will always be. The reason I bitch so much is I know they have the talent. If they didn't have the talent then I would just say the Steelers just are not good enough. Another thing if teams were just flatout better and beating the Steelers then I could live with that. But the Steelers have beat themselves in two games this year and could be 4-2 instead of 2-4.

    Yes Steelers fans have really been spoiled the last two years. When you think about we have been spoiled during Bill Cowher's whole coaching career. The Steelers only have 3 lossing seasons and have missed the playoffs just 4 times under Bill Cowher. Alot of other teams fans would kill for that. But that doesn't mean Steelers fans should be happy with the teams 2-4 start.

    The Steelers still have a shot for the playoffs. But they are going to have to win all their games or at least 9 of them. Thats a tall order but not impossible.

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    They have ran off 14 straight regular season games!!!!

    It can be done

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    Yeah, we need an 04-esque run at this point. That year it was because all the players were pissed that we went 6-10 the previous year, and people weren't respecting us. Hopefully this loss, and our 2-4 record will give them a similar sense of anger and determination. I think we should win next week at Oakland, but then we play Denver I think? If so, we definitely need to win that game. I think it could lead to a nice winning streak if we blow out Oakland, and then beat the Broncos.
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