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Thread: Brother of Browns star Winslow dies at 23

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    Brother of Browns star Winslow dies at 23

    CLEVELAND (Oct. 17, 2006) -- Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. attended a funeral for his younger brother, Justin K.B. Winslow, who died suddenly last week in Kansas City, Mo. He was 23.
    The son of Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow Sr. was found unconscious on Oct. 12 by his mother, Dawnn Wimes O'Bannon. According to a statement released by the family, he was unresponsive with a weak pulse.
    Justin Winslow was taken by ambulance to a hospital but couldn't be revived and died. A family spokeswoman said the cause of death would not be known until toxicology tests are completed.
    "We are deeply saddened by the untimely and sudden death of our beloved son and brother, Justin K.B. Winslow," the family's statement said. "Justin will continue to inspire his family and friends that were touched by his life. His vivacious personality and magnetic spirit will be deeply missed."
    Kellen Winslow Jr., who suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident last year, joined his family for his brother's funeral in Kansas City. Winslow was expected to rejoin the Browns on Oct. 18 as the team begins preparing for Week 7's home game against the Denver Broncos.

    I'm not a Browns fan but that's messed up!
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    I have to admit, I express condolences and thoughts for the Winslow family. I always enjoyed watching old tape of Winslow Sr. He was in another league on his own.

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    That's pretty sad especially since he was so young. for the Winslow family...

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    Yes, it's very sad. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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