Friday, November 21, 2008
By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Twenty-nine years after Joe Greene became a star in a Coca-Cola commercial, Troy Polamalu will be cast in the remake.
Polamalu, a four-time Pro Bowl strong safety, will revise the role that Greene played in the 1980 Super Bowl ad. It too will be shown during the Super Bowl.
In the original commercial, Greene limps through a tunnel beneath the stands in obvious discomfort. A young boy offers him his Coke, and Greene finally accepts. He drinks it down and, as the kid slowly walks away, Greene breaks into a smile and says, "Hey, kid; catch!" and throws him his No. 75 game jersey.
That ad not only won a Clio, an award presented to those ads judged to be the best on television that season, but it has been judged the best Super Bowl commercial in history by many in the business.
Loved that commercial--can't wait to see it with Troy...pretty cool that it'll be shown during the SB too! Would be nice if the whole team were in Tampa...