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Thread: Bengals vs. Steelers (Wk. 12) W 27-10

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    honestly i think this defense is the best weve seen in a long time
    This defense is on par with that 94 Blitzburgh defense.....I thought they were better then that 94 defense.....But I don't know.....Record some ****ing shut outs and bring home the Lombardi will convince me 100 percent......

    2000 Ravens defense was better then both of those defenses.....But they only didn't it for one season.....

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    Game Summary

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    Just for comparison sake:

    Touchdowns Allowed

    2000 Ravens: 18
    2008 Steelers: 15

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    I agree as well this Offense is a joke and it ALL starts with the OFFENSIVE line! Yes, Ben has his faults as well. I have had numerous heated discussions with another fan that all he blames is #7! But when he has a good game or playing against a crappy defensive team, he never gives Ben where credit is due. Same old story, Ben doesn't do this, Ben did this, doesn't throw the ball away, doesn't play like Ben when they won the Super Bowl! What does he expect........teams will lose games, it's part of the game when two teams are going head to head, some one HAS to lose! Guys are going to play some sub par ball every once in a while!
    Now Ben put up some numbers the last two games, and the Offensive line did their jobs! ZERO SACKS! Ben leads the league in being sacked 31 times, I believe he is actually tied with one other QB. Most of his pass attempts are at 15 yd and less, well folks, that means that he isn't getting enough time in the pocket, when you get time in the pocket or you're not hurried, that is where the long ball comes into play! I think a stat on Ben for a 40 yd attempt or more is only like 6-8 times! No time for the long ball. O-Line needs to step it up, if we want to make it out of the first round in the playoffs! Yes we should be, 10-1, 9-2, coupld games there we should have never lost. We almost lost that Washington game if it weren't for Byron!
    We're still hanging in there, and some tough ones coming up in December!

    GO STILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Damn, now there's alot of RINGS!"

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    Willie Parker is terrible were you watching the game? My mom coulda gained 50 yards. The line is an outstanding run blocking unit and they need rewarded with a tailback that hits the holes they create instead of running away from the line of scrimmage and expecting people to maintain blocks for ten seconds. He's causing holding penalties with his four cuts parallel to the line on plays where we gain next to nothing. 150 yards are you kidding me? That would be the first time a man gained that much without breaking a tackle. Not to mention he doesn't like being tackled. He'll trot out of bounds past the first down marker or short of it regardless of the game situation.

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