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Thread: Beware of Bengals Trap

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    The game is a huge trap... The Bengals gained a lot of confidence Sunday even though they didn't win simply because they didn't lose either! They tied the Eagles though which beat the Steelers a few weeks back... so now they have to be thinking "Hey the Eagles beat the Steelers and we tied the Eagles, we can do this this Thursday night!"

    It's not a game to take lightly!

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    From here on out at this point the Steelers should take no team lightly. If our D plays like it played in yesterdays game against da Chargers the Steelers stand a great chance of winning our division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    With the way our offense is struggling I don't look at any game as a gimme. We could play the next 6 games against the 6 worst defenses in the league and we would probably still lose 2 of them. Our offense will prevent us from going anywhere in the playoffs this year unless someone kidnaps Bruce Arians and keeps him from planning or attending the playoff games. There are only 5 teams with defenses worse than the Chargers and we couldn't score a touchdown against them at home. Kinda puts things in perspective doesn't it?

    Fully agree, are offense is totally offensive. I don't know what it will take for me to feel confident in them again.

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    Do you guys really believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick and this Bengals offense is going to be able to come in here and do anything against this Steelers defense the way it is playing now?? The Steelers just shut down one of the better offenses in football yesterday and a pretty good QB in Phillip Rivers. So while I wont even say this is a gimmie game I do believe that the offense will get back on track and find the end zone in this game and the defense just like the last Cincy game will torture Fitzpatrick and the Steelers will win this game fairly easily....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    ....I like the Steelers 30-9 in this win....
    With the defense scoring 24 of those 30, right??

    We can't take this Bungles team lightly. They're hungry for a win against us. I said in a different post and I'll repeat it here, I really want to see TJ Doeshismamma get his bell rung for dissin' our TT a few years ago. That's one guy I can't stand!
    Remember the hit CJ took that knocked out his gold teeth? This week it's TJ's turn!

    "Here's an idea! Don't worry about sports and run the ****ing country!!!" - PsychoWard to Obama

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    No trap, our team should know that these wins are NOT coming easy. And that they need to bring thier A GAme

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydfan4life View Post
    I really want to see TJ Doeshismamma get his bell rung for dissin' our TT a few years ago. That's one guy I can't stand!
    You and me both, brother!
    "Commitment to the team - there is no such thing as in-between, you are either in or you're out."-Pat Riley

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    We should prepare for this game as if it was the thoughest team in the league, as we should every game. We should play to win this game 55-0. If the Bengals really suck, we should.

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    Yeah!! This game does have Trap written all over it if the Steelers let Cincy hang around the game going into the third quarter like they did when they played the first time.
    The Steelers need to come out and put a strangle hold on the Bengals right away and kick them in the dirt by half time.

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    Like I posted earlier, hated division rival, plus I'll add Ravens are a game back breathing down their necks...............NO Way are the Steelers looking past this game!

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