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    Signatures sizes


    Just a reminder that we'd like to make sure that the signatures don't start getting to crazy big. We've noticed some that are 300 and 400 px high which really throws off the continuity of the forums and makes it harder to read through the threads.

    If you all could do us a favor it would be greatly appreciate. Please keep your signatures at or about a maximum of 225 high by 500 wide. If you need any help resizing yours or have any questions please just let one of the staff know and we'll be happy to help you. If you do have a lot of smilies in your signature try to keep them together and not tons of spaces inbetween each line of them. At this point we don't limit the amount of smilies you can use and as long as it doesn't get too crazy we should be ok there.

    We're not going to be too anal about this because it's not THAT big of deal right now but we just wanted to put it out there as a reminder for everyone. Also if a staff member does contact you or you find that your sig has been automatically resized please do not take it personally We're just always looking out for the best interests of the site as well as doing our best to keep the members creativity still intact.
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