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Thread: We lost a game... stop crying!!!

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    We lost a game... stop crying!!!

    Whats with all the crying!!!!??? we lost a game OHHHHH shiat whatever shall we do. Ben needs to smarten up and stop throwing picks, that game should have been won, just like the Giants game. Woodley, Miller, Parker, Macfadden were all out and we are a better team then what we showed today. 2005 Superbowl Champs as a 6 seed going into the playoffs, AND lost to the Colts in the reg season. Ben was defenatley not matching his $100 mil contract, but these mistakes can be corrected. sometimes you need a loss to whip the team into shape, and thats what we got. Now i've been drinking all gameday so i'm outta here and I'm happy to say I'll be witnessing the STEELER REDEMPTION at Heinz field next sunday against the Chargers lol until then STAND TALL and represent your ****in team boys!!!!!!!!!!

    And also....the Giants & Eagles will take care of Baltimore in the next 2 weeks while The Steelers should be able to beat the Chargers defense and a Bengals win in Pittsburgh doesnt happen this season
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