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Thread: We lost a game... stop crying!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEEMONT View Post
    damn if only I was as perfect as you.

    Its not that we lost yesterday, its the play of little ben....o-line or no o-line he has no excuse for his play right now.

    He comes out last week and says things are going to be different, and then BOOM 3 I'll **** and moan all I want about a man who is getting paid more money than any of us on this board will ever see in our lives.....think about that. He is getting paid all that money to be good at a ****ing game, and he is choking like an amateur porn star on Peter North.....
    I agree! Ben`s play over the past month has been horrible. Thats what has me nervous. And yes its a game, but its a game, One game, out of only 16. In baseball you lose a game, and its let get them tomorrow night. In football its a 1/16th of your season. It`s 1/8th of your home games. Another loss to a descent team. The ravens and the redskins are the onlyt two teams that we beat that our descent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Denton View Post
    Ben can sit for a month and it wont make his shoulder any better. This is what we get from here on out.
    And good for Ben that he can admit to the Colts lose was on him. Great! He's been talking about playing better for weeks now, and we are all still waiting to see it. To me he's getting worse. 9 int's in 10 Quarters. What the Hell is that? I will not sugarcoat his bad play. Nor will I baby him for playing like this. He's getting the big $$$ now, and needs to show some leadership. He needs to put the team first.and if that means stepping down to let Lefty play to keep their playoff hopes alive, then do it.
    ya but they arent just gonna bench him unless he breaks that shoulder, they're paying him the big bucks like you said so he's in. BUT if he continues this down slide which I dont think he will, they bench him if it means winning playoff games.

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    I was pretty pissed when I came home and saw a loss when I was expecting a win. I am over it now, I have forgiven Ben, I still love this team, and I am looking forward to the Chargers.

    I think the bigger question is this: Why can we not win a game at with a 4:15 start time? Have we ever won one under Tomlin? If can't start winning at this time slot, our record is going down the tank in the coming weeks.
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    Ben needs to put his hand up and say it was him that cost us the game - end off. Its gone now and we need to look forward to the Chargers we have two winnable games coming up and the Ratbirds have two tough games, lets stop dwelling on Sundays loss and get back on track - get behind the team EVERYBODY from the ball boys to the Head Coach WE ARE ONE UNIT - ONE TEAM - ONE STEELER NATION "BELIEVE PEOPLE"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xplosive_Steel View Post
    ya but they arent just gonna bench him unless he breaks that shoulder, they're paying him the big bucks like you said so he's in. BUT if he continues this down slide which I dont think he will, they bench him if it means winning playoff games.
    The way he's playing it looks like sometthing is broke to me. Look, I'll take a healthy Jon Kitna over and beat up John Elway any day of the week. We have back ups, and we have a pretty good back up at that.

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