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Thread: The Daily Question

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    The Daily Question

    So many of us have been talking about the trade rumors, and it seemed like most of would've been against the Steelers trading anyone for Randy Moss--no matter HOW good he is/could be. Here's an article I found where a Steeler fan thought we should go after Moss, and I loved Ed Buchette's answer. I think most of us would agree with him, and thought I'd pass along the link.

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    I don't really see Moss with the Steelers anyways, so I don't think we have to worry. But, I would definately have to say I don't want him with us either.

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    I agree. I wouldn't want to see that headache on the team no matter how good he is.

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    Moss is an idiot, he'll never be a Steeler.

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    Moss would never be a Steeler because the Rooney's can't/won't pay that much for a player
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    Ed made an excellent point about trades, too. Yesterday was the deadline, and I believe there was only one trade made total (Bucs Anthony McFarland to Colts for Rd 2 pick in 2007). Trades just don't happen very often in the NFL.

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    I think that article and question is going to get Ed Bouchette's award for the most stuck on stupid question of the year. Moss is not the answer. We are coming together on the receiving corps and it is looking very promising so far. I am glad the trade deadline passes and the rumor are now dead.

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    IMO, Moss and T.O are long lost brothers (no pun intended ) Although Moss has calmed down as of late, and TO has taken a big leap forward, he (Moss) is bound to snap at anytime now. Him being a Steeler could change his personality though and make him want to accept less money because he is getting older and isn't really a high profile anymore... What am I thinking!!!

    Moss will never be a Steeler, he only wishes he could be!

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