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My thoughts.....Troy is usually the one doin the tacklin!! If you actually get the chance to pull his hair (opposing offensive player) you better get ready to get some payback!

Rap and Hip Hop is music as well as being art and poetry! Chamillionaire is good in that he has a strong ability to change his tempo and syncapation of his voice and still maintain consistent rhythym, plus he has some puts it to some bomb *** beats.

Yea! I'm the only one here that primarily listens to rap!

KISS is one of the only groups of men that can get away with wearin high-heeled platform shoes, make-up, and long haired wigs......but when you got a tongue the length of an anaconda.......no one gonna say ****! Besides Detroit Rock City was a good movie.

Very good post bufu, nicely put. I'll just agree to disagree with you on the Rap is music type thing but that's only cuz Im a hardcore rocker who likes music with a melody, harmony, good rythmic beat, etc. but yes I can see your point regardless

Anywho back on topic, if the NFL tried to make Troy or anyone cut their hair they'd have a revolt on their hands from everyone including the ACLU to Jesse Jackson