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Thread: Cards vs Bears

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    Dennis Green is from inner city Harrisburg, born and raised.....he ain't gonna f*ck around at this point. They were showin some of the comments he's made to and about the team. He's pretty damn fed up and my guess is that to be a player in Arizona is not gonna be fun for a while.


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    I have seen comebacks like that before, but one thing really struck me when I thought about that game. Every big comeback I have witnessed has always been in large part to a QB getting hot and making some big plays. But Grossman really didn't make any big plays. To have that big a comeback without the offense is unprecedented as far as I can remember. Wierd.

    Its rare that I will root for a division rival of the Seahawks, but I was so disapointed by that game last night. My second favorite team right now is whoever is playing da Bears. I'd sure like to the see the Hawks in the race for home field. But the Bears have a schedule that is about equal to the Seahawks in difficulty (or lack thereof) and are obviously going to win a tie breaker with them. But alas, I am getting ahead of myself. Better worry more about merely making the playoffs before thinking about home field. But I will be keeping an eye on the Bears...

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