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Thread: Steelers/Bengals Tickets for Sale - $24 Each!

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    Steelers/Bengals Tickets for Sale - $24 Each!

    Stubhub .... thousands of them for this weekend in Cincy.


    Fans of winless Bengals flood site with tickets, some below face value news services
    Updated: October 14, 2008, 12:14 PM ET

    CINCINNATI -- Disappointed fans of the winless Cincinnati Bengals are trying to unload thousands of tickets for remaining home games, many of them well below face value.

    The online ticket agency has 3,000 tickets for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. At least 4,000 tickets are available for each of the remaining games.

    Some sellers don't care about making a profit. There are $64 tickets priced as low as $24

    According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, more than 4,100 tickets are unsold for the Bengals' Nov. 2 game against Jacksonville, and more than 5,000 tickets are currently available for games against Baltimore, Washington and Kansas City.

    The Bengals are 0-6 after losing to the New York Jets last weekend.

    Longtime fan Steve Carr told the Enquirer it's gotten so he can't even bear to watch the team on TV.

    "It's not worth it," Carr, a longtime fan, told the newspaper. "I was yelling at the TV watching that game" Sunday, a 26-14 Cincinnati loss.

    Coach Marvin Lewis said he shares that frustration and feels responsible, adding he hopes fans will wait patiently for a turnaround.

    Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.
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    If there was ever a time I wish I could travel to a game it's now! I foresee a sea of black n gold this weekend on the road even bigger than usual.

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    Man, I'm only 5 hours away. Wouldn't mind mak'n that road trip myself.
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    Can u blame them?The Bungels Suck And were gonna beat them like they stole something

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    The Bengals fnas

    When we hear the name of Cincinnati Bengals tickets, the idea that comes to our minds is that of a great team that is loved and supported by many fans all over the world. And I’m proud to consider myself as a fan of Bengals, because the Bengals ticket is my best NFL team and I always wait impatiently to the Bengals games and to hear the Cincinnati Bengals , but most of the time the Cincinnati Bengals ticket are a little hard to get. Of course there different sources to get the Bengals tickets, but I’m looking always to find the cheapest ones. I was recommended some sites that provide Cincinnati Bengals tickets

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    I find it hard to believe your tickets are hard to get.

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