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Clowns still suck now matter how you want to spread it dude.

You show up here when you feel like it and try to put them on some kind of pedestal just because they won 1 game(which i admit, it was against the Giants) but then act like the *******s are going to win the rest of the way out like they have it like that. whatever!

New beginning or not, the browns don't have what it takes to do it, they have no Head coach (players save his job because Juliet sucks as a HC) and they have no clue as to how they are going to win.

Next game against us is in Steelers town and you nut F*cks will choke again their like you have for the last 9 games straight.
Dont Let these fools get to you. The only reason the Browns won is because I was nice enough to make it happen. Like I said, they will continue to underachieve, thats what they do. Come on man....Its the Browns....lol