Could we have another one that thinks he should get #1 money even though he wasn't drafted #1?

With first-round draft choice Matt Leinart scheduled to be throwing to Arizona Cardinals receivers on Monday, the initial day of training camp practice, the agent for the former Southern California quarterback instead threw in the towel on contract negotiations.

At least for now.

"We've been [in the Phoenix area] since Friday and couldn't get it done," agent Tom Condon said Sunday night, after three days of face-to-face negotiations failed to produce an agreement for the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner. "We're hung up on a lot of issues. It's time to go home."

The 10th overall choice in the draft, and probably a bargain in that slot after he posted a brilliant 37-2 record as the Trojans' starter for three seasons, Leinart missed the team's Sunday evening deadline for reporting to training camp at Flagstaff, Ariz. The Cardinals' first practice is Monday morning, and it will take a major change in the two sides' bargaining positions for him to be on the field for that session.

Leinart has been in Phoenix for the past few days and has actually spent time throwing with some Arizona receivers. It is not known if Leinart, who wanted to be in the vicinity in the event of a contract accord, plans to stay in the area with the negotiations seemingly at an impasse.

Cardinals coach Dennis Green implied Sunday that the reason for the impasse rested more with Leinart's people than the Cardinals organization.