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Posted Oct 9, 2008

Former Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd granted Jim Wexell a 90-minute interview for the new book "Steeler Nation: A Pittsburgh Team, An American Phenomenon." The passionate interview touched all bases. Here, Lloyd talks about the events leading up to an alleged altercation with his son, which resulted in charges being brought against Lloyd.

MOVING FROM athlete to athlete was not the plan when I first contemplated this book. I envisioned sitting in fan bars and talking to displaced steelworkers and, really, bouncing funny thoughts off the reader, personal thoughts, intimate thoughts, as I careened around the country without a plan. The vacation hotspots off the Carolina coast certainly held the promise of not only Steelers Nation, but my own mini-vacation. A friend in the business, a retired scout of 35 years, told me I had a place at his table in Wilmington, N.C. The stories would’ve entertained me – us – for days. But I have this thirst for news. It comes from spending 25 years in the business as a reporter.

So instead of sunning on a beach deck with a retired scout who’s giving me more legend than fact, and me not caring about the difference, I’m staring into the eyes of Greg Lloyd somewhere in the suburban sprawl of Atlanta on a hot September afternoon as he’s talking non-stop about the importance of discipline. All I could think about was finding the right time to ask him about his son, so I just blurted it out. Lloyd expected the question and didn’t blink.

“I don’t blame my son for what has taken place,” he started. “I think everybody around me and everybody over there realizes it was a lie. And a lot of it just never really got out, what really took place.”

Lloyd recounted his son’s girlfriend’s testimony, the testimony at the second trial which cast doubt over the rest of the case.

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