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Thread: Steelers vs. Jaguars (Wk. 5)

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    I am done about the REFS, really pleased with the play of the team going into the bye week. Need to get healthy, Kick Arianis in the and get ready for a tough stretch of games

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerfan11 View Post
    I love how Ben is. He gives credit of a win to EVERYONE except himself....and when they lose, he takes all of the blame. There is no better QB in the league imo.
    Tonight just reminded me AGAIN why I am so proud to have Ben as our QB. He is so awesome!!!!!! He is way too modest. He made the big play that saved our butts. he can take some off the credit, but I know he won't.

    Great game. I was real proud of this team. Very proud to be a Steelers fan right now.
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    Great game Ben

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    i thought this game would come down to the late minutes and it did! Great game, just got time to see it now because of my work but wow Ben is a freakin monster when everything just goes his way!!

    Important victory for this team and it's further access!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevestinks View Post
    Great game Ben
    I agree Cleve! Ben looked really good!
    And on another note.... Heath Miller is a real beast!! I love watching him run after the catch. It normally takes quite a few players to bring him down! Last night was no exception. It was great to see him being used more in the game.

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