I will never understand why Steeler fans feel the need to feel slighted by the media. I mean really, who cares?

Obviously the Steelers have not played well at all this year, so the fact that we are in the top 5 in most power rankings (ESPN) shows me, if anything, that we are being overrated by some of the media. They have scored less than 20 PPG this year, granted they have been playing some tough D's, but they need to step it up in that respect.

The offense is ranked in the bottom 3rd in every major category (points, total yards, passing yards, running yards), so to say they aren't getting respect just seems like fan bias to me.

The D is playing great, they shut down a Philly offense that lit up Dallas. They are also in the top 5 in every major defensive category. Do I think the offense will catch up? Yes I do, but until then, stop the ****ing whining about how the Steelers are counting the Steelers out, they are 3-1 and in first in the Division, we have nothing to whine about except our horrible play on offense, which will be changing.