Start passing around blame wherever you wish, but the reality of the situation is this:

If Tomlin can honestly look into a camera in his press conference and say he didn't see this coming, he should be immediately shown the door and escourted down to the Greyhound station.

Make no mistake about it, Zerlein and Arians are absolute worthless pieces of sheat and should never have been allowed to keep thier jobs from last year. If Tomlin does not FIRE the coordinators by the end of this, what could turn into a wasted season, then his *** needs to be on the fu<kng hot seat.

One thing you could always say about Cowher is that he ruled his Coordinators with an Iron Fist; he was generally hard on them behind closed doors. Tomlin better start showing his leadership metal soon because its inexcusable to a have as much talent as we have on this team only to look this pathetic.

I'm very disgusted at this lame half-hearted effort right now ....