View Poll Results: Can this offensive line pull it together?

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  • Yes, the season is young and they'll gel together to form a fine unit

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  • I think so but will Ben survive till they do?

    7 20.00%
  • 50-50 right now, it's anyone's guess

    18 51.43%
  • No way, this group is a joke and has little hope of doing anything right this year.

    9 25.71%
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Thread: Bottom line, can this Offensive line do the job this year at all?

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    Bottom line, can this Offensive line do the job this year at all?

    If you read this article in the PG today you can see that the team seems to realize how bad the line played and how much they need to improve. By reading it you could take it as they have spent all week watching tape, practicing against the blitz, etc. and are ready for the Baltimore pass rush that will be coming.

    They are saying the right things but in all honestly let's be real here...the 5 guys we have starting are pretty much all we have to work with. Starks couldn't beat out Colon who isn't even a true Tackle. Stapleton has potential but doesn't appear to be ready yet. Essex is a serviceable backup and well that's pretty much it right now. It's a scary situation for not the least of reasons being we don't have much depth in quantity or quality right now behind these starters.

    Can the 5 we have now pull it together and keep Ben upright on any type of regular basis at all? Chris K. and Hartwig are new so there is an adjustment period but wonders what in God's name Tomlin has been thinking with this group.
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