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Thread: Ravens vs. Steelers (Wk. 4) MNF W 23-20 OT

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    Smile Ravens vs. Steelers (Wk. 4) MNF


    Monday September 29, 2008
    Heinz Field - 8:30 PM EST

    Looking at these two teams on paper one would think this is a match up of two sucky offenses vs. two really good defenses which will result in a 3-0 win by one of them. The Ravens numbers are slightly skewed though having played only 2 games this season against mediocre teams in the Bengals and Browns. Not to take anything away from the Ravens because they had to play those games, but they did what they had to do with a young inexperienced QB... they ran the ball to burn up the clock (averaging 37 minutes a game) and kept their defense off the field. Given the Ravens defense is old, keeping them off the field is the best thing for the Ravens to do!

    The Ravens have asked their young QB to manage the game and keep it close. To date he hasn't had to face a ferocious defense like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Come Monday night Flacco will get his "official" welcoming to the NFL, especially when the Steelers shut down their running game and force him to put the ball in the air. The Ravens will not be able to control the clock this game as they have done thus far because the running game will be non existent from the Ravens and their defense will be forced to play more than the 20 some minutes they have been playing. This should be the first game the Ravens defense is finally exposed!

    The Steelers are lining up a stellar line-up! They have big names on both sides of the ball, along with veteran leadership and guys who are still getting their feet wet. The starting line up for the offense looks like they could put up 30+ points in a hurry but that hasn't been the case yet this season. Despite the low offensive statistics from the Steelers, they have done what they needed to for their two wins this season and the defense has been flat out awesome! They are getting to the QB (tied for 3rd in the league with 10 sacks) and when the QB gets rid of the ball they are usually picking it off (2nd in the league with 7 INT's).

    This Monday night marks the first glimpse of rookie RB Mendenhall, due to Parker missing the game. This is going to be Steeler Nations first real glimpse into the future! The Steelers have a lot going for them this game, they are coming off a bad performance and loss last weekend and they are playing at home. Tomlin hasn't lost very much at home since taking over the Steelers last year, he is 8-1 (1-0 2008) at home during the regular season. For the Steelers to come out on top they need to do the following:

    • O-Line needs to Protect Ben
    • O-Line needs to Protect Ben
    • O-Line needs to open up some holes for Mendenhall and protect Ben!

    Join us this Monday night in the gameday thread as we talk about the game and cheer the Steelers to a victory!!!!

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