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Thread: Still Impressed with Tomlin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    Basically one of those Holier than thou fans. Or self righteous steeler fan.
    "You should be priveleged to be a Steelers fan".
    "you're spoiled" etc.....
    "When I was a kid the Steelers were 1-13, and cheered every play".
    "I walked to school barefoot up hill both ways and was proud to do it".
    "I never left the stadium, even when we were down 51-0".
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    Hey I enjoy movies too. But, when one sucks I have every right to say it does.
    I recently came here from aplace that is full of those fans. I really tired of being told I was spoiled and a bad fan because I said something bad about a player/coach or the team. I'm not much of a rose colored glasses kind of guy.
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