What an absolute joke today. I counted 4 straight plays where he just let the rusher get right by him and put pressure or sack Big Ben in the 4th Quarter. Then he is out of breath when they show him in frame... give me a break. You make millions of dollars to BLOCK and you can't even do that.... I read all of those articles on how you won't be back next year... well thank god for that. I am amazed that you even show up anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should apologize to everyone on your team.

I know that Philly is a good defense and that everyone on the O Line (and the team) played bad... but come on! You should step up and take credit for your franchise QB getting sacked and pummeled again this week.

Please bench Marvel... I know that we have to have someone better... you could put a blocking dummy in there in his place... it will slow the rusher down for more time than Marvel will.