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Thread: Big Ben wants to start over

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    I just hope he thorws a TD

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    I just hope that the guy he's throwing to just catches it
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    Those games are over ,so it's easy to be starting over again!!! Great attitude now all he's got to do it transfer it to the field!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerFan87 View Post
    Wow, ESPN couldn't possibly misinterpret things worse. They were just talking about this on NFL Live, and they seemed to be implying that Ben wanted to take everything back and have a muligan. They also showed Mark Madden reading an email from some guy that talked about how people will probably start calling for Batch soon, and they made it sound like everyone it Pittsburgh was giving up on Ben and demanding Batch.
    NFL Network was exactly opposite in what they were saying. Ben is a leader and ge us taking all the responsiblity instead of passin it on to someone else like other QBs in the league like to do. I think he is going in with the right attitude, and he does need to let it go. He can't dwell on it because if he does, he will never get back on track.

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