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Thread: Steelers vs. Eagles (Wk. 3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNabbulous5 View Post
    Here's to a good game and no injuries
    i can drink to that!

    but seriously both teams have a lot of talent, it should be a very good game this weekend. i hope our steelers can pull it out, if so we have a very real shot to start the year 6-0 which would be sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by $teelersRule View Post
    i can drink to that!

    but seriously both teams have a lot of talent, it should be a very good game this weekend. i hope our steelers can pull it out, if so we have a very real shot to start the year 6-0 which would be sweet!
    This game is a great "measuring stick" for the Steelers. If we can get out of Philly with a win we have 2 games against injury riddled teams (vs. BAL, @JAX) BYE then at CIN. Philly maybe the best all around team we play so far until we line up against NYG.

    Philly has a great RB corp w/ Westbrook, Buckhualter(sp.) and Hunt (who i think is out) and a GREAT QB in a healthy McNabb. A solid oline in both pass and run plus a solid TE in LJ Smith. There WR are the only ? on their O and they seem to be doing fine with out Kevin Curtis. If they get Reggie Brown back this week they about double the quality of WRs.

    Their D is a great pressure D that will send any of the 11 guys at the QB on any down and distance. Trent Cole is highly underated and with Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuels at the corners they can afford to rush up to 6 or 7 men and be confident in their coverage. Ther biggest ? on D is at Safety where Dawkins is a liability in coverage and Sean Considine(if healthy) scares NOBODY.

    Speacial Teams will have to be on their P's and Q's again this week, rookie Deshean Jackson is as advertised out of Oregon, both at return man and WR!

    Our best chances this week... keep doing what we've been doing.

    On defense-Pressure McNabb early and often. Also have to keep Westbrook as priority #1, both in the run and pass game. Philly has a tendency to get pass happy so we will all get that good look at McFadden this week... he could win/lose a new contract in this week alone!!! Lb's/Safeties are gonna get a work out as well, i expect alot form Troy and expect to see alot of Timmons to help cover smith/westbrook. When McNabb isnt dumping it down he is goin DEEP so Ryan Clark has to be ready to run. I'm hoping Ant Smith is active to lay the boom on someone early!! If we're not getting a pass rush or stuffing the run... expect another barn burner from Philly!

    On offense- WIN T.O.P., convert 3rd downs and win the battles up front. Its that easy. It starts with the oline. If willie has room to run i love our chances to dominate this D. Ben will have to have his head on a swivel. Yes Philly is and attack style d, but if we can pick up the blitzes there is potential for HUGE plays. As good as Samules is, he is constantly looking in the back field. I expect him to be 1-on-1 with Homes and if Asante is looking in the back field... HOLMES IS GONE!! Im hoping to see us control the clock with a mix of runs with willie, screens and dumps to all of our backs and short passing to hines and Miller. We havent seen a RB screen all season and we have 3 backs that could be VERY DANGEROUS in the open field. The screen is the perfect antidote to Phillys pressure.

    Im thinking if we play as we can play this match up is in our favor. I see a suprisingly low scoring game 24-16 STEELERS.

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    Good read.

    I think its gonna be a good show. Plus its a 4.15 national game! Woohoo. Sucks being in Detroit.

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    Simmons might not play

    Steelers guard Kendall Simmons is expecting his third child in a little more than a week. Celesta Simmons is due Sept. 29, the same day the Steelers play host to the Baltimore Ravens in a Monday night game at Heinz Field.
    The only problem is, Celesta has been a week or two early with the couple's previous two children, which is making Simmons anxious heading into the game Sunday at Philadelphia.
    Simmons said he will return home to Pittsburgh if Celesta goes into labor this weekend and is prepared to miss the game.
    "I'm hoping it doesn't happen during the game or Saturday night," Simmons said. "But I have to be there for that. I can't pass up a situation like that."
    Simmons is keeping coach Mike Tomlin updated on the situation, and he said Tomlin has given his blessing to return for the birth. But Tomlin apparently was one of the few in the Steelers' organization aware that Simmons might miss the game.
    Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians did not know about it yesterday and neither did center Justin Hartwig nor reserve guard Darnell Stapleton.
    Stapleton has been taking a few repetitions with the first team during practice this week, but no more than any other week, he said.
    If Celesta makes it through this weekend, Simmons said she will be induced sometime next week before the Monday night game.
    "I just pray she makes it through this weekend and everything goes well," he said.
    Well that would suck but Having a New child would be more important.....
    "It is hard to wait around for something that you know may never happen;but it's even harder to let go when it's everything you want"

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    ^ I hope Simmons baby isn't born until after the game, but if she does go into labor, then by all means I hope he goes and gets to witness the birth of his child.

    I think this will be a good game. I think it will be a close game, but I think Philly will get this one. Of course if I am wrong, it will be a most welcome surprise. Hope it is a good game with no injuries.
    Proud fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Pittsburgh Steelers, Duke Bluedevils, and San Antonio Spurs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNabbulous5 View Post
    I am interested to see what everyone thinks about this game. Right now I am lovin Desean Jackson even though he fumbles the ball on the 1 and does not score TD's. I do not like the way that we match up against your receivers maybe because our D (if you want to call it that) got torched by Dallas several times on Monday Night. I like that we are playing you at the Linc. My thoughts on the game are this McNabb looks like his old self but the offense runs through #36... If you shut him down the Eagles do not have a chance. The defense needs to stop the big plays in order to win the game. Here's to a good game and no injuries
    Yes lets have a great game with no injuries definatley! I think it will be a good physical game for both teams. Our defense really needs to stop Westbrook, put alot of pressure on McNabb.
    Good Luck!

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    GO STEELERS beat the Pigeons

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    Like I have said many times this week.... There are NFC teams and there are winners.
    DM can go ahead and be back to his old self because this is what it is, along with the rest of those sissy birds...
    PHILADELPHIA -- If you think the Pittsburgh Steelers are a good team, a playoff-quality team, then the Eagles are in trouble against them Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field.

    Under head coach Andy Reid, the Eagles have never beaten a playoff-bound AFC team. If you count the loss to New England in Super Bowl XXXIX among those losses, Reid is 0-13 against the cream of the AFC crop.

    That's right 0-13.

    The last time the Eagles beat an AFC team headed to the playoffs was 1997 when in quarterback Bobby Hoying's second NFL start, they beat the Steelers, 23-20, at Veterans Stadium. The Eagles finished 6-9-1 that season, but Pittsburgh was the AFC Central champs.

    That following season, 1998, Ray Rhodes' last as the Eagles head coach, they lost, 41-16 to the even tual AFC West champion Denver Broncos, beginning a string of 14 consecutive losses to AFC playoff teams.

    This week Pittsburgh, already 2-0, and the prohibitive favorite to win a watered-down AFC North, will attempt to extend that streak to 15 straight.

    "That's a good team, with a real good defense," running back Brian Westbrook said. "They have a very active front seven (on defense), and they have (Troy) Polamalu in the secondary."

    It doesn't help the Eagles cause that they are coming off a short work week, having played a tough emotional game, Monday night in Dallas.

    Throw in the fact that Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlis berger is 13-2 in his career against any NFC team, and this does not bode well for the home team.

    "They play fast," Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said of the Steelers' defense, ranked fourth best in the league in the early going. "They play fast and that's al ways been their M.O. They have big nose guards, and everyone else is just quick. Their outside linebackers are quick. Their inside linebackers are quick. I think they play a scheme where they're not asking their cornerbacks to do much, just to stay in zones. Help out in the run game and be disruptive in the pass.

    I think you get the jist of it.....We smoke um like an ACE baby....

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