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Thread: Return of the Poem Queen (Opening Day Poem)

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    Return of the Poem Queen (Opening Day Poem)

    Are you ready for some football? It's about that time
    For some real season fun and some Steelers rhyme

    Preseason is over - games will mean something soon
    And Sunday will be Steelers vs Texans starting at noon

    We all have an addiction for which there is no cure
    We live and breathe our Steelers that is for sure

    Coach Tomlin returns to run the show
    No longer a rookie - now an old pro

    Ben signed to stay here for the long haul
    I'm glad that Pittsburgh is where he plays football

    Some players have been added - some remain the same
    Hopefully this year we can step up our game

    Santonio Holmes might have his best year yet
    And what he doesn't catch Sweed just might get

    Mendenhall and Parker can be a 1-2 punch
    Their rushing yards will likely add up to a bunch

    Our defense can be an intimidating force
    But that's usually a given in Pittsburgh of course

    Our schedule is the toughest - so this year will be a test
    All we can hope for is our guys play their best

    So get ready everyone as the season begins
    To cheer on our Steelers to their first of many wins

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    We have a player named Santonio Holmes
    This year we do not play in any domes

    After Ben Roethlisberger throws a touchdown pass
    Those who think he's a "game manager" can kiss his ***

    I do not like the Cincinnati Bengals
    I don't know any words that rhyme with 'Bengals'

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are ready to fight
    Everybody Wang Chung tonight

    James Harrison is nicknamed "Silverback"
    Casey Hampton might have a heart attack

    Jeff Reed looks and acts like Pauly Shore
    I swear I won't attempt poetry anymore!
    Six Lombardi Trophies: Not coming soon to a city near you.

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    Nice try DBR!!!

    Nice one TN!!!

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    Very nice

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    very good as usual!!!!

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    Awesome Michele, it just wouldn't seem right starting out each week without one of your poems

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    Steelers 2008/2009

    Hello Poem Queen, a friend of mine forwarded me the link to your poem, I'm glad to see I'm not the only female with a passion for this team and game. I too am a poemer of sorts, it started a few years back and appears to have become a tradition... Anyway, hope you all enjoy....HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!!

    Steelers 2008/2009

    April 15th was the fateful release...
    And just like you it left me gritting my teeth…

    The toughest schedule in the NFL…
    There’s no doubt about it…it was sent straight from hell…

    We’ve got the usual suspects in the AFC north…
    The Brownies the Bengals and the Ravens of course…

    Colts and Bolts and Birds that soar high….
    Cowboys and Titans and Jaguars OH MY….

    Redskins and Texans who have taken their lumps…
    Super Bowl champs and even Super Bowl chumps…

    We’ll face three/four and four/three defensive schemes…
    With Hartwig as our center we can hold any team…

    Lewis & Suggs will blitz from both sides…
    Kendall and Chris will shut them down in midstride…

    “The Freak” has come full circle he’s back in Tennessee…
    Colon will break across the line and bring him to his knees…

    They can bring on Vanden Bosch or come at us with Thomas…
    Marvel will clear a path and that’s a promise…

    Mendenhall and Davis our “Fighting Illini” pair…
    They’ll roll through Jason Taylor like he isn’t even there...

    And as “Pacman” is asking for directions to Blush…
    Parker will blow by “Adam” for a touchdown rush…

    In his attempts to cover Holmes, Harper will try and fail…
    On a side note Nick did your wife make bail…

    Off the end we can always count on Miller…
    Oh thank freaking God Heath is a “Stiller”…

    Freeney and Sanders will bring their game…
    But Ben will find Ward and put them to shame…

    The debate will continue whether we really have a need…
    All I have to say is, isn’t life Sweed…

    When Batch went down we yelled out in fear…
    And until he returns we’re glad Leftwich is here…

    Whether we’re looking for three or one for our six…
    Reed will come through and nail the kick…

    And in the event we are forced to punt…
    Berger will find the corner and keep us in the hunt…

    We’ll face Peyton and Eli with their assaults from the air…
    With Keisel from their blindside they don’t have a prayer…

    Casey waddled into camp but he’s trimming down…
    It could make the difference when Saturday’s in town…

    Aaron is back and he’s firm in his stance…
    If Tomlinson goes outside he won’t stand a chance…

    Some will run it to Westbrook, others will pass it to Wayne…
    Farrior and Foote will shut down their lanes…

    Bring Taylor or T.J. we don’t give a damn…
    We’ve got Woodley at “Will” and Harrison at “Sam”…

    We’ll witness Romo to T.O. as the ball passes by…
    When Ike intercepts you know someone will cry…

    Winslow and Gates will be coming to play…
    We have a solution and his name is Deshea…

    When Palmer goes downfield to his fave eighty-five…
    Clark will come up with the catch to eighty-six that drive…

    We have Troy in our secondary to knock Welker off his feet...
    By the way Bill we got five and didn’t even cheat…

    You know what they say about being the best…
    This is the year we’ll be put to the test…

    We’ll have to deliver at FedEx, cut the mustard in Heinz Field…
    Slice through them at “The Razor,” and never ever yield…

    We must break “The Vault” and sever the lines at old Alltell
    Travel to “The Linc” and ring the closing bell…

    We’ll rumble in “The Jungle,” punish them in “The Pound”…
    And spin them at “The Album” if we are to be Super Bowl bound…

    The blood in our veins it runs black and gold…
    And that won’t change even if we’re sold…

    All of Steelers Nation let’s stand up and sing…
    HERE WE GO STEELERS…let’s bring home that ring…

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    This is brilliant!! I love it! thank you for posting this awesome poem!!!

    Thanks Steelers086 for my awesome signature!!!

    Thanks for the new avatar SteelerBee!

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    Awesome SteelerB!!!

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