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Thread: Rudi Johnson signs with Lions

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    Rudi Johnson signs with Lions

    Rudi Johnson signs with Lions

    Tom Kowalski

    The Detroit Lions have confirmed that free agent running back Rudi Johnson has agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the team. Because the deal was struck after 4 p.m., after the league offices closed, the signing won't be official until Tuesday morning.

    Johnson, who rushed for 1,000 yards in three straight seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals (2004-06), is expected to replace Tatum Bell as the No. 2 running back behind starter Kevin Smith. The Lions aren't expected to announce any roster moves until Tuesday. The addition of the eight-year veteran might mean the Lions will use more of a platoon system at running back.

    After practice on Monday, Lions head coach Rod Marinelli said, "I just had a chance to watch him in some drills (during a workout) and he's impressive. He's a big, thick guy who has great feet. I played against him over the years so I know he's a very physical back. He's a guy with a lot of talent and a lot of experience.''

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    Guess he'll enjoy watching Kevin Smith from the bench,,,,,,Maybe he'll be a decent back-up

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    I wish the Lions the best!~
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    that didn't take long!!! i will be curious to see how he fits in there!

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    He played pretty well for a team that has a great OL for pass blocking because they have a very good QB and WR's... A very good running back that had 3 consecutive seasons of 1400+ yards... He does not catch alot of passes.... He's like bettis, only catching 20 passes a year. Going to detroit doesn't mean much until they start putting together a better OL.
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    I'm sure he's happy he doesn't have to face the Steelers D twice a year now.

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    the kiss of death ,ending up a lion

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    Yeah, thats the kiss of death...poor guy. They forced Sanders into early retirement, what is it this guy thinks is going to happen? I would retire from football if I got stuck out there. You already know you will never win a SB, or let alone see the playoffs. I think the should swap out the the Wolverines and the Lions every other year or something. Do you think anyone would notice?
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