Just wanted to get some early predicitions on all of the games within our division this coming weekend. I like the Steelers to beat the Texans in a pretty close hard fought game. This game will by no means be a gimmie game seeing that the Texans have a very very good defense especially up front, and some good weapons on offense. The Steelers will need to show up in this game and play well which I think they will be able to do to pull out the win.

I like the Cowboys also to sneak by the Browns as well. I think the Browns playing at home in this game gives them a decent shot to win, but in the end I just think the Cowboys have too many weapons on offense for the Browns suspect defense to be able to slow down enough to win. This game could possibly come down to late in the 4th quarter or a last minute FG, but nonetheless I still like Dallas to come out of Cleveland with a win.

Lastly, the game between the Ravens and Bengals is a toss up and might be one of the worst games of the weekend. I dont think there will be much offense from neither team in this game. My gut tells me right now I like Cincy but something also tells me that the Ravens will find a way to pull this game out seeing that they are playing at home and their defense is still pretty solid enough to slow Cincy down just enough to win.

As Ive stated before on here with Cincy and Baltimore most likely not going to be a factor in the division race at all, it really makes the Browns Dallas game and our game with Houston criticial going into our week 2 matchup in Cleveland on Sunday night. If the Steelers beat Houston and the Browns lose to the Cowboys then that is going to set up pretty much as close to a MUST win game for the Browns in week 2 of you're going to get. The Browns just cannot afford to virtually fall 3 games behind the Steelers with the tiebraker included in that 2 weeks into the season especially losing a game at home to the Steelers as well. If this happens it will be very very hard for the Browns to overcome the rest of the season and they will be fighting and uphill battle to catch the Steelers for the majority of the season and that is just something the Browns cannot afford to have happen if they hope to contend and win this division this year.