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Thread: Who will win back-up?

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    Who will win back-up?

    Steelers have signed both Culpepper & Leftwich. This pre-season is going to be a fun one to watch. Who do you think will win the back-up role? IMO I think Culpepper is going to win based off experience.

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    If Culpepper is healthy he beats out byron hands down, but we can't go wrong with both of em

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    hopefully culpepper. He just seems way better than leftwich, and kind of better than charlie aswell tbh.
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    I like Culpepper but IMO, Moss made Culpepper who he was. He's not been the same every since they both seperated.
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    Anyone that watched the Dolphins games knows that their lack of O-line was one of the biggest reasons Culpepper wasn't effective. 75% of the time, he'd not get a completion because he had zero protection. The other 25% because he wasn't using his head. If I had to guess, a lot of that comes from expecting to get nailed on every snap.

    If that's the case, Pep will make it. If he really has lost it, Leftwich will get the job. That said, I'd like to see Pep back to form and get the job, but I think it will be Byron.
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    I would like to see Culpepper come in on fourth and one, everyone would be anticipating the QB sneak, then drop one off to Heath. His big body would be nice on short yardage to keep Ben healthy, some times run, some times not run. Keep them guessing

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    the team hasn't officially signed either one yet; there's no official word from any of the major news outlets of any contract signings or terms of deals. As of last night Leftwich was on a plane but the team was trying to work out a deal.

    Having said that though I think I'd probably rather have Culpepper mainly because had he not tried to come back so soon from his injuries and had a better OL in Miami he might have been able to resurrect his career. Either way though let's hope neither of them has to play in a real game situation for us.

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    There is only one thing for certain with all this QB buzz....Mike Potts needs to start packing his bags.He was definately going to be one of the cuts anyway this just makes his stay a little shorter in Latrobe.

    These situations always make me wonder what a training camp player ends up making for his time..i know the get compensated for being at camp..just wondering if anyone knew the amounts. I'm sure it's probably more than i make all year.

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