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Thread: Steelers sign Byron Leftwich...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTORKRAFT View Post
    I really like the signing of Leftwich. Batch is done, if not now, then later. The Steelers are now 1 year ahead of the curve on finding a back up for Ben. Having said that, I will say this, I hope none of us have to rely on Byron winning games for us.
    To be honest I'd feel more confident in Byron than Charlie. Byron does have some talent, theres a reason he was a number one pick. He's pretty slow, but thats why he wont be starting, he's got an absolute cannon of an arm though and I think that he could be successful in the right system and be a solid starter(just not with us)

    Culpepper can go to hell. He really thinks he will beat out Ben? I ****ing hate that douche

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    ..not real exciting...guess it cold be worse...i was never a big BL fan...i def like it better than dauntless culpepper...
    ...i pray ben doesn't give him a reason to play..(unless it is 20 point mop up time)...
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    Tomlin said that he expects Leftwich to play thursday night against the Bills; since preseason is all about vanilla offenses now is the perfect time for him to get out there and run as many plays as he can to get a feel for the offense and our players. He'll be up against backups so that will help too.

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    Too bad I won't be able to watch down here. I don't see it listed on any channel I would get. I guess I'll have to tune into WDVE via internet and listen. DVE still covers them, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejsteeler View Post
    Too bad I won't be able to watch down here. I don't see it listed on any channel I would get. I guess I'll have to tune into WDVE via internet and listen. DVE still covers them, right?
    yes sir! they do a real nice pre and post game show too. keeping you up to date. Mike Prasuda has been living at Latrobe like usual so he has some real good insight on what to expect.

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    I'm in the same boat as you Ej....guess i'll be tuning it on the radio too..Nfl network is airing it at 1200 midnight, I thought the game being in Canada might have drawn a nationally televised game.Oh well..

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