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Thread: Steelers could sign both Culpepper and Leftwich

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    So now someone finally agrees that Batch is done. I've been saying this since the Ravens game last season
    [AutoMerged Post Below]

    Yeah his name was Colt Brennan but our scout overlooked him and we drafted a fraud named Dennis Dixon

    Colt Brennan isnt all that. He has a below-avearge arm, occasionally erratc accuracy, weird side arm-ish throwing motion, poor footwork, and little mobility.

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    i disagree....brennan is a baller, i would take him.

    culpepper is done, he was terrible with miami, he was terrible with oakland, no one comes back from that injury, he'll never be a good QB again. Leftwich puts too much on his throws, follows through too much, isnt accurate, is a statue....over threw 4 WR who were at least 6-4 consistantly.....were not signing theese guys to bring home the championship.....honestly if ben goes down it doesnt matter who the QB is

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