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Thread: TJ's Predictions For The 2008 Season.

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    TJ's Predictions For The 2008 Season.

    Week 1 (0-0)
    September 7th

    Houston at Pittsburgh

    Honestly? The Texans defense versus our offense? Steelers all the way. Our defense shouldn't have too much of a problem either, the only issue will be containing Andre Johnson.

    Week 2 (1-0)
    September 14th

    Pittsburgh at Cleveland

    First test of the season, the Browns offense is nothing less than scary. The only question is whether or not Derek Anderson can duplicate last year's performance. I see us taking this game, even though it's in Cleveland, they haven't beat us since October 5th, 2003, any guesses on who the Browns QB was? That's right - Tim Couch.

    Week 3 (2-0)
    September 21st

    Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

    Again, another win for the 'Burgh. There's still McNabb's injury history to fall back on here. Other than that, the Steeler's offense is going to be a bit much in the running game. Though, if we get behind and have to pass to win, the Eagle's talented secondary will take it to us, and they'll probably get the win.

    Week 4 (3-0)
    September 29th

    Baltimore at Pittsburgh

    Fourth win a row for us here, the Ravens are struggling this year, with Kyle Boller back under center, and with Terrell Suggs holding out. All in all we're just the better team, and the Ravens will be fighting for 3rd place in the AFC North.

    Week 5 (4-0)
    October 5th

    Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

    In my opinion, this is the first loss of the season for the Steelers. Jacksonville's had our number for the past two seasons. If you're looking for one of the best football games of the year, look no further. Pittsburgh and Jacksonville are the epitome of smash mouth football. On a side note, Fred Taylor is THE most underrated player in the NFL.

    Week 6 (4-1)


    Week 7 (4-1)
    October 19th

    Pittsburgh at Cincinatti

    Yet another win for the black and gold. Cincinatti's imploding slowly. Johnson's going to be benched by week 10, and he's gone after this year. Their defense can't contain our offense at all. We continue our dominance against the North.

    Week 8 (5-1)
    October 26th

    New York Giants at Pittsburgh

    Ah, the champs. At home, on TJ's birthday. I see a close game, with Plaxico getting a warm welcome at Heinz Field. In the end, the champs show why they are indeed the champs, beating us, but by less than 2 touchdowns.

    Week 9 (5-2)
    November 3rd

    Pittsburgh at Washington

    Since losing Sean Taylor, the Redskins haven't made much of a scene. I can't see their defense competing with us either. Clinton Portis will not have a hundred yard rushing game. Antwaan Randel El will have a decent game against his former team though.

    Week 10 (6-2)
    November 9th

    Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

    Peyton and company are going to beat us, as much as I hate him. Our secondary is nowhere near strong enough to compete with that high powered passing game. Here's to the third loss of the season.

    Week 11 (6-3)
    November 16th

    San Diego at Pittsburgh

    The Chargers are a scary team when everything's clicking. I see LT having one of the only 100 yard rushing game against the Steeler's this season. All in all this game comes down to the last possession, with the Chargers beating us by a field goal.

    Week 12 (6-4)
    November 20th

    Cincinatti at Pittsburgh

    Ouch. Four days after playing the Chargers. Thanks NFL. This is going to be a rough one for us to win, our guys are going to be beat up. But, I seriously don't see the Bengals beating us. As I've said, Johnson's going to be benched by now, for running his mouth to Marvin Lewis. Close game, but Pittsburgh takes it.

    Week 13 (7-4)
    November 30th

    Pittsburgh at New England

    The Steelers venture into Foxboro. The weather's going to be nice and chilly, but both teams are used to that. I can't see us winning this game. The Patriots offense is stacked. They have little to no weakness in their wide receiver corps. Expect both Moss and Welker to have big games, while the Patriots running game gets nowhere.

    Week 14 (7-5)
    December 7th

    Dallas at Pittsburgh

    Another rough one. We won't be able to contain Owens. At all. Dallas' running game has a good chance of putting up a 100 yard game on our defense. All in all, I see Dallas take this one home.

    Week 15 (7-6)
    December 14th

    Pittsburgh at Baltimore

    As I've said before, the Ravens just won't have the offense to take it to us. Plus, we'll be hungry after a loss to the Boy's at home.

    Week 16 (8-6)
    December 21st

    Pittsburgh at Tennessee

    Time for our defense to prove how athletic they are. And time for Vince Young to prove that he can throw as well as run. If we contain Young, we win. If not, it'll be too close for comfort. But, based on the Titans receiving corps and defense, I say we take it.

    Week 17 (9-6)
    December 28th

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh

    Great game to close the season with, the Browns. Based on history, I say we take it, as the Browns have no defense to speak of. We end the season on a good note, beating the Browns at Heinz Field.

    Overall Record for 2008 : 10-6

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    Why do you have us losing just about every home game? No, LT will not get 100 yards against us when we last played him in the regular season he had less than 50. And that was at San Diego. Let's see LT cut on Heinz field.

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    I only have us losing 4 home games, that's half, not "almost every"

    Because of the talent of the teams we play maybe? Just a thought. LT's going to be better than last year, if LT can't cut at Heinz, then not too many players can.

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    10-6 is where I have the Steelers as well... this is probably one of the toughest schedules I have seen in quite some time. The 2004 schedule turned out to be a little tough only because the Pats and Eagles were played back-to-back and they both were undefeated and that season turned out good

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    Personally, I can't wait for the Jacksonville game, those are always really great games, true football.

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    12-4. we will beat the pats and the giants.
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    I might agree with you on this. I am not discounting Baltimore beating us once though.

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    I think we will at least win two of our games against the Giants, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, or Pats. If we go 2-3 in those five games, that will be good for me.
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    I would take 10 and 6 but I have a funny feeling that either the Browns or the Ravens could sneak a win in there heaven forbid. Of all the games on the schedule, the most intriguing one is Jacksonville. The Jags have been tough long before they starting beating us up last year. They are very well coached, in fact two years ago I was hoping for a Jack Del Rio firing in Jax and him coming up to coach. Fate intervened and I am very happy with Coach Tomlin, but Jack Del Rio was a great player and a great coach too. Those Jags are scary!

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    I'm going to say 12-4 or 11-5. Probably 11-5. I don't think we're going to lose all our games against the Jags, Giants, Colts, Chargers, Pats, and Cowboys. I'm sure we'll win at least one of those games, maybe 2 if the law of averages can get us over the top against either the Jags or Pats.

    Also, you think the Bungles are going to bench Chad? I don't care how much of a distraction he is, there's no way they're benching their 2nd, arguably 1st, most talented player.
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