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Thread: *** Poker information ***

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    *** Poker information ***

    Ok guys, as you all know we have a poker room here on SA that we use for tournaments. It's a very nice setup and works great; however it does costs us monthly to have it. The table we currently have is a tournament table which requires a manual setup for each time we want to play. Basically right now it's setup that a minimum of 4 people are needed to play. Again we can manually adjust that but if no one is online with that access then you either need 4 people or the table can't be used.

    Now, we used to have 2 tables; one for tourneys and one for regular play. the regular play table can be used anytime with a minimum of 2 players or as many as 10 and it doesn't require any manual adjustment. You just sit down with your friends and play anytime you want. We were thinking of bringing that setup back because everyone enjoys playing poker so much but right now the table we have only gets used once a month so it's not very cost effective however I don't mind paying that monthly fee because it's not too much and because so many of you all enjoy playing. The reason we got rid of the 2nd table was because it was getting to be costly and it wasn't being used as much to make it worth our while. So we got rid of the tourney table and kept the regular table but then it wasn't working properly for tourney's so we were out of luck, between a rock and hard place if you will.

    We would like to bring back that 2 table setup again (one for tourneys like we have now, and one for regular play) but we need to know what the interest is and make sure everyone is still up for playing. The only problem is that 2 tables is more money each month. Our donations to the site obviously slow down during the offseason and that's understandable; it's always been that way. If we are going to bring back the 2nd table and increase our monthly operating costs then we'd like to get a feel for the interest in the regular table and how much you think you'd play. Please use the poll above to let us know and of course you can post up here with any questions as well.

    Thanks!!! oh and please don't misinterpret this thread as SA begging for money; we aren't like "other" sites but we do appreciate when donations are made to help us with the costs. This thread is mainly to make sure the interest is there for the 2nd table to make sure it will used on a regular basis. We're also not trying to make you feel you have to play all the time; again just checking the interest is all. We want you to have the best place on the net to hang out and do the stuff you like to do as much as possible.
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