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Thread: It's all elementary for Santonio Holmes

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    I'm not gonna push santonio to be this "Superstar wide-out" in his rookie season. Sorta like when was a rookie. It's gonna take time for Santonio to became the good receiver he should be. Santonio has showed some signs of being a good pick up from this year's draft. I hope he continues to get better with every game he plays.

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    Yea I agree that much shouldn't be expected from rookie WR's in their rookie years. But today another rookie WR made some big plays like he has done all year. The WR I'm talking about is Greg Jennings from the Packers. That kid is playing great. I don't expect Holmes to carry our passing by no means. But he has to start playing better and stop looking lost at times.

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    Today is the day the passing game comes if it would only hurry up and be 830

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    While Ben was struggling, and #1 Ward was off the page and/or injured, it's impossible to expect a rook to have breakout #' fact, it usually takes quality WR's 2 full years before they have their breakout season.

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