I don't think I own anything purple. I do have a few t-shirts that are orange, but it doesn't keep me from wearing them. Yellow and black on gamedays, of course. When I finished the basement and the kids picked out the colors.. my oldest wanted her walls orange. bah. lol.

However, I do have a tendency to buy stuff (that I need) just becasue its black and yellow and will find the item in those colors... Lawn mower, nailer, sheet metal snips, staple gun, drills, etc. I once had to convince my wife that the yellow and black lawn mower (that I wanted) was far superior (and more expensive) than the red toro (way cheaper) she wanted to get. In all actuality, they were about even, minus the price tag, lol. (we got the yellow one)

Wiring up the bathroom in the basement.. I purchased the sheathed yellow 12/2 wire instead of the cheaper white 12/2.