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Thread: Jack Lambert

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    So he would have to move to 3-4 OLB or take on a Dwight Freeney role. Whatever, I still think he could play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerDan43 View Post
    Hell in the 70's people in Pittsburgh didnt get to see Lambert play on TV every week, local TV contract had not taken off and ESPN was not around in his day... For the most part outside of the playoffs or attending games people did not see many games at all... You got your sports news through the paper. People are going to over rate players such as LT because of his increased exposure compared to those who played before them, those are the players that they can visualize in their heads from watching TV. Lets not forget that none of the great linebackers of yester year even appear on the sack list.
    If anything that would have helped Lambert's legend. People would have had to judge him based on word of mouth rather than what they saw and that often causes the truth to be exaggerated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerDan43 View Post
    How did he change the way they play the game? I would love to hear this explanation, what are you going to tell me LBs didnt Blitz before him?
    Taylor from what I understand was the first Rush-Backer. He completely screwed up the opponents passing game and could shut down the run. Teams couldn't run to his side. I would say not being able to run to one side of the field would put a big damper on your offense.
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