Hey all,

Just to keep you all in the loop and to maybe bring your attention to some things you might not have noticed.

1- Check out the homepage for the newest addition "player spotlight". We also have one that we'll be putting up when training camp starts called " training camp spotlight" where we'll feature an article and thread about a player or position that is in the news during camp.

2-Profile changes; if you haven't been to your user profile lately you owe it to yourself to check it out. The latest version of our software has included some changes to the profile layout and options. There's now a spot to leave messages for you the profile you are viewing, a friends list, and many other changes. We are still working on the album feature and linking it to our current album program.

3-once the season gets under way we'll be doing the ironman award each week again as well.

4. we are looking for a good billiards tournament table to load up; similar to our poker table.

As always any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.