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Thread: Member Spotlight: Black@Gold Forever32

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    Member Spotlight: Black@Gold Forever32

    Steeler Addicts Member Spotlight:
    Black@Gold Forever32

    Member Spotlight Questions:

    How long have you been a Steeler fan? All my life......

    What made you become a fan of the Steelers? Both of my parents are originally from Monessen, PA....So my parents influence on me was a big reason why I'm a Steelers, Pirates fan.....I have also followed the Pens somewhat throughout the years....My grandfather also played for the Steelers in the early 1950s....So I'm proud of that...

    Who is your favorite Player currently on the Steelers roster? Hard to pick just one.....But if I had to pick one then it would be Hines Ward....

    Why are they your favorite player? His physical style....Its rare to see a WR play that physical...

    Who is your favorite Steeler of the past? Rod Woodson and Greg Lloyd.....

    What is your favorite Steelers memory? Steelers winning Super Bowl XL

    What is your favorite sport to watch other than football? Baseball

    How did you find Steeler Addicts? I found from some other members of SA that joined before me...

    Sum up your thoughts on Steeler Addicts in a few sentences? Its a good site with a variety of opinions....

    What do you do for a living? Laborer

    What is one thing that might surprise people to know about you? I love to play I'm not kidding....

    What is one thing that everybody knows you for? My passion for the Steelers

    What kind of car or truck do you drive? 2000 Alero, 1995 Saturn

    If you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be? To have more patience....Its not one of my

    What are your hobbies & interests outside of posting on SA? Hanging with my friends and playing Texas Holdem.....If not doing that I'm watching Sports,Movies or the History Channel...

    Favorite TV show? Married With Children....Still watch the reruns...

    Favorite video games? Don't play any more....But Madden or Rock Band....A friend of mine has Rock Band and we

    Does your family enjoy watching football with you or do they run and hide when the game is on? My mom, brother and I all get together and watch the games together....Got to love Directv and Sunday Ticket...Havn't missed a game in 9

    What type of Steelers game day rituals do you do? We all sit in the same I wear my Steelers gear if they're winning....If they lose then I don't wear it until they win

    Your favorite gametime food & beverage? To crazy and nervous to drink or eat during a

    How many Steeler games have you attended in your lifetime? 4

    Three Rivers Stadium or Heinz Field? Been to both......Hard to pick...Its always great being with Steelers fans on Steeler Gameday.....

    Immaculate Reception or "The Tackle"? The Tackle....without a doubt...Wasn't alive to see Franco's miracle grab.....

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    Good stuff BNGF32, thanks for sharing.

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    great interview

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    nice one!~
    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


    Many thanks to BR7 (Ron) for the sig and matching avatar

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    Good Interview! This will be my first year without DirectTv's Sunday ticket..i just moved into Base Housing and they wont let us put up a dish.Looks like i'm gonna have to find a good spot to watch the games this year.

    "He's running around there, running his mouth, doing all that, but if you watch him on film and really look, where was Ray Lewis? He was nowhere to be found. I could have tackled the water boy and had as many tackles as him. He didn't do nothing today. He's all mouth. When you talk like that, that's what happens: You get hit in the mouth. He's over there crying now, thinking about what went wrong. You got your *** whipped, that's what." ~ Peazy

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    How awesome that your Grandpa played for the Steelers...great interview..

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    Quote Originally Posted by FleaFlicker View Post
    How awesome that your Grandpa played for the Steelers...great interview..
    I have a 1950 Steelers team photo that hangs on my wall proudly.......Its a replica but still its cool......1950 was the only season he played for the Steelers....He injured his knee in the last game of the 1950 season.....He tried to make comebacks in 1951 and 1952.....Went to training camp both years with the team...But didn't make it...He had 3 INTs in 1950 and one ball he intercepted was off Hall of Fame QB Sammy Baugh......My dad still has the box scores from the games..........

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    Great Read....... thanks for sharing

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    I am always too nervous during games too. Great interview. I always look forward to these

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    Nice interview B&G32.

    I'm A "Champion"

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