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Thread: Steeleraddicts appreciation thread

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    I love this site....and I'm a Bucs fan!!

    You've always made me feel welcome here and it feels good!!

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    Yeah, this site is pretty dope. It is my #2 forum after the newerascouting boards. Lots of good people.

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    I just read the original post. I doubt has the worst Steelers message board on the internet. That award more than likely goes to, where the good news is never good, and even fellow Steeler fans seem to hate each other. They have a couple of entertaining columns over there during the season, but aside from reading them, I normally stay away from that site, especially during the off-season. makes me appreciate
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    I'm a member of a few Steelers and Pens Boards. And SA is a good board. I am also a member at Steeler Nation. 1 thing I find is, that it is like any other board out there, all of us have the same common denominator, we all love the Steelers. And everybody has there opinions. So, I refuse to bad mouth any board. As well as when I'm on there board, I don't comment on SA to them.

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    I used to be a regular on SN, they have some good people there and some very knowledgable fans of not only the Steelers and sports in general but overall on many topics. I lurk over there periodically to see what's what. You can say what you want about Diamond Dave but the guy bleeds black n gold and has kept that place going for a long time. One thing I do have to thank SN for is helping me get my feet wet in the message board world with learning how to post and interact with the members, learning the do's and don'ts on a message board, etc.

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