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Thread: Draft keeps Steelers a leg up in AFC North

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    Very interesting read. Good valid points. But will remain opptimistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    They are not in the elite group yet! Nobody is going to look at their schedule and quake at the thoughts of playing the Stains!
    You definitley have a point At the same time, I think that they are the second best team in the division, but a pretty distant second

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    Miller<Winslow (its close but Winslow takes it purely due to his athleticism)

    Looking at it, it seems like the Steelers should have the offense that should be feared
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    Right now, our mindset needs to be ...."We're last in the division and nobody respects us" ....

    That needs to be our mindset the ENTIRE season regardless of our record.
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    Indeed ICS, that's when this team plays it's best. When they think nobody respects them and everyone has counted them out, that's when they rally and play their best football. What I want to see though is a team as focused and disciplined week in and week out. I hate to see it and God knows I hate Belicheat and the Faketriots as much as anybody on this forum..but one thing about his teams is that they are focused and rarely beat themselves. Whether they have won 15 in a row or coming off back to back losses they are going to give you all you can handle and then some each week. That's how we need to be; not just playing well when the chips are down but playing well consistently even when we're on a hot streak.

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    great read

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