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Thread: Polamalu does things his own way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday133 View Post
    good news about troy's shoulder! let's hope he's a force sunday night, and can shut down gates.

    That's exactly right, with Troy following Gates all around the field and punishing him every single play we'll get into his head. Same with our other DB's and LB's. You crush the ball carrier every single time no matter what !

    Im looking forward to seeing Troy back to form in a BIG way !

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    Polamalu seems a bit daft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler View Post
    Well when I watch movies and eat junk food I know my body relaxes.... especially around the waistline
    Me too AZ, me too!

    I think that Troy will go into this game in great shape though--and I agree that a two armed Troy is an awesome sight to see on the field! The boy is amAZing when he's up to par.

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