Tomlin had us all fooled ..... just when you thought our main draft mission was to retool the OL, his philosophy was much different; "Trust in what you have and give them "weapons" which makes an average line look much better." I beleive his quote was something along these lines:

“There are two schools of thought, you can either acquire offensive lineman, or you can surround them with weapons. It just so happened that weapons fell in our lap on Day #1 of the draft” ~ Mike Tomlin 4/27/2008
Tomlin said something similar in an interview he gave on 3.20.08

To me, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

If the Steelers were to get another very good wide receiver, they could start to punish teams who go all out in the pass rush and build Ben's confidence as far as getting rid of the ball on time.

The quickest way to beat a blitz is to go overtop of it. As it stands now, Ben doesn't have a guy running deep routes where he can just put the ball up and let the WR make a play.

Yes, Holmes is a deep threat, but not a guy who is going to consistently come down with jump balls. He's more of a play action deep threat who needs some time to build separation so he can run through the ball.

If Otah or Albert is on the board, I think it's a no brainer. If not, a big wideout would help reduce the number of sacks Ben takes, just in a different way.