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    This is a list of the current staff here at SA. It will be updated as needed.

    The administrators have the highest rank on the forum. They perform daily tasks around the Admin control panel. They manage the staff and make sure everything is running smoothly. They have complete power over the entire forum and have the final choice on anything related to the forum.
    • BlitzburghRockCity - Owner & Admin
    • AZ_Steeler - Tech Admin
    • BR7 - Graphics Admin

    Mod duties include managing all of the topics, posts, and members around the forum. They have limited access to the admin control panel in order to manage members and forums. The Moderator also has input on many of the decisions around the forum like the admins.
    • Prosdo
    • Koopa
    • K Train
    • Psychoward
    • Dieselman
    • Steelersgal86

    Graphics Team
    Graphics Team mods are in charge of the graphics forum and helping to fill sig and avatar request. They also have a large voice in the images, skins, and overall cosmetic look of the site.

    • BR7

    SA Bookies
    The bookies have control over the SA Casino which is in operation during the regular season only. Their jobs include making new events to bet on, setting the odds, completing events, and moving completed events to the proper forum. The Casino runs from preseason through the playoffs each year.

    • PsychoWard
    • Zachintosh66
    • Steelersgal86

    This team works to help further SA in the social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. They help keep the FB page updated with the latest news from the Steelers and SA as well as retweet breaking news on Twitter. Also they work to contact Steelers players and media personalities to secure interviews for the site. We bring these interviews to you on a regular basis exclusively on SteelerAddicts.

    • LarryNJ
    • Stlersguy

    If you have any questions feel free to send a private message to any staff members.
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