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Thread: New Feature: Sticky First Post of Thread

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    New Feature: Sticky First Post of Thread

    Here is another new feature at SA! You may notice the postbit is in a different area. That is because this post is now stickied and will be displayed at the top of every page for this thread. This way you will always be able to refer to the original post no matter what page you are on.

    How does it work
    There are only a few select forums that will utilize this feature,so not all will have it. But if you are creating a new thread and you notice a new field, below the title section, called "Thread Type" then the first post will be stickied.

    There are 4 options to choose from:
    • "Postbit Article" - Default value and setup for this here page
    • "Postbit Flipped" - This option will put it on the opposite side of where it would normally be.
    • "Postbit Normal" - Select this option to do nothing fancy and keep the postbit where it normally is.
    • "Postbit Legacy" - The legacy postbit will display on the left hand side.

    What Forums is this setup in?
    Currently this is only available in the following forums:
    • Announcement
    • Steeler Articles
    • SA Games, Fantasy and Trivia
    • SA Fantasy Sports
    • New Addicts
    • SA Member Spotlight.

    If anyone would like to suggest other forums please do so in this thread.

    We hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions please let us know!
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    Keep in mind the postbit for every other post in the thread will continue to look like it has before; this only affects the first post in the thread.

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