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Thread: Closing in on our pick

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    I would be crazy mad if we took:

    I like Tracy Porter and Dre Moore, but #23 is way too early for them and if they went in the first I would be kinda pissed.

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    I say we trade down if Albert is gone. Take Antoine Cason with the first pick up the 2nd best guard in the secound Chilo Rachal from USC. Then with our extra 3rd pick we can go ahead and take two guys like Ray Rice and Kendall Langford or Dexter Jackson/Lavelle Hawkins.

    Im not saying I dont like Avril, Groves, or Cherilus I just dont think they are worth the 23rd pick and sitting at 53 I dont think we will get any of them in the secound.(Maybe Avril)

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    id rather have trae williams in the 4th than tracey porter in the second...CB is just not that big of a need.

    i kinda like balmer more after a little bit i saw on him yesterday

    i would prefer we just move the **** up in the first and get albert or williams, take a ****ing chance

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    Im with you on that plan Ktrain

    We moved up for Troy and do I need to say but i wil anyways that worked out pretty good. I see someone trading up above us for Albert and as of right now I see the guard position in more so of a need then RT(Cherlius) because Mahan proved he is *** soup. Plus I think Albert dose have what it takes to move to LT in a year or two cause god knows we are going to need someone there lol.

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    I would be a lil upset with a cb at 23 as well.. If albert is gone then I love the idea of trading for a few more pigs... Take groves with the first and we can look for racal and jstin king in the second+ rounds!!! If we are gonna be aggressive and trade up then it better be for chris Williams cause he would be the starting LT now not later like albert would be

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