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Thread: Cedrick Wilson Arrested tonight...Update 3/20 Steelers cut Wilson

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    all we are stuck with is the prorates from any signing bonus money at this point with his deal as far as I know. Depending on if there was a character claus written in as ICS mentioned or also if he still had any "guaranteed money" left on his deal we'd be responsible for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Quinn View Post
    I don't think you have to pay him since he was cut!
    Yeah you do, it doesn't matter the reason, theres a pre June cut and a post June cut that affects the team's cap.

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    PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers released wide receiver Cedrick Wilson on Thursday, hours after he was charged with assaulting his estranged girlfriend at a suburban restaurant.

    "We're extremely disappointed with this incident," team chairman Dan Rooney told reporters. "The Steelers do not condone violence of any kind, especially against women."

    Police in Pine Township charged Wilson, 29, after he allegedly pushed Lindsey Paulat and then punched her in the face on Wednesday night.

    Wilson entered the Patron Mexican Grill shortly before 8 p.m. and saw Paulat sitting at the bar, according to a criminal complaint filed by Northern Regional Police.

    Paulat told police Wilson pushed her on the shoulder and, when she turned around, punched her in the left side of her face before leaving the eatery promptly, according to the complaint. There was redness and swelling on Paulat's left cheek, and witnesses told officers what happened, police said.

    Officers later found Wilson as he was leaving his home in his car, police said. He was arraigned around 4 a.m. Thursday on charges of simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct and freed on $10,000 bail.

    Wilson, a backup receiver, is the second Steelers player arrested this month on charges that he assaulted a woman.

    Linebacker James Harrison, voted the Steelers' MVP by his teammates last season, was charged with simple assault and criminal mischief for allegedly hitting his girlfriend on March 8. He faces a preliminary hearing April 3.

    Harrison remains with the team. Team spokesman Dave Lockett said the Steelers viewed Harrison's situation differently than Wilson's, but would not say why.

    In January, Wilson and Paulat got into a fight that led police to charge her with firing two gunshots after Wilson left his suburban town house. Paulat, who is also the mother of Wilson's 1-year-old daughter, Anya, is awaiting trial in that case.

    Wilson's attorney, Paul Goltz of Pittsburgh, and his agent, Tom Condon, did not immediately return calls for comment Thursday.

    Wilson, who played at Tennessee, signed with the Steelers as a free agent out of San Francisco in March 2005. He caught 81 passes for 1,162 yards and two touchdowns in three seasons with the Steelers. For his career, he has 178 catches for 2,375 yards and eight TDs.

    i found this espn article funny, the rooney's should just straight up say why they didn't release harrison, it's obvious it's because harrison is a pro bowler while wilson is a ****ing bum........... glad he's cut though, wasting a roster space the day he was signed...........
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    See ya Wilson! Glad to see this guy go. He was not a good #3.

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    I can see your point on why they haven,t cut Harrison, like you said, the guy is a pro bowler, and you're not going to cut a guy that will more than sign immediately with another team that will in effect hurt you in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prosdo View Post
    See ya Wilson! Glad to see this guy go. He was not a good #3.
    He wasn't even a no. 3 receiver in my opinion.

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    so long ced ,dont let the door hit you on the way out

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    Hey Cedric!!
    When you start realizing how stupid you've been maybe you can pull out your Superbowl XL Ring and remember that you were a Bum on the field as well.

    You're an Idiot!!

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    PITTSBURGH (AP) — The estranged girlfriend of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Cedrick Wilson denies that he punched her at a suburban restaurant this week.
    Lindsey Paulat said Wilson got upset but only shoved her when he saw her drinking Wednesday night.
    "He never punched. He pushed me in the side of the head," Paulat told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Friday. "It was misconstrued apparently by the people around us."
    In a criminal complaint, Northern Regional police said Wilson pushed Paulat on the shoulder and, when she turned around, punched her in the face. Wilson, 29, is charged with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. He remains free on $10,000 bail.
    Wilson apologized and said he would attend anger management classes. The Steelers released Wilson on Thursday, a few hours after his arraignment.
    Damn, What's really going on.
    If there is any truth to this and it was really just a shove, What's the real reason the Rooney's showed Wilson the door.
    I know the guy wasn't worth the 2 Mil. that he's owed to play next season but can we really offerd to take that much of a Cap Hit.
    It all sounds like a bunch of to me.
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