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Thread: Insatiable taste for linebackers

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    Insatiable taste for linebackers

    The Steelers drafted two linebackers last year, but that apparently didn't satisfy their appetite. The team will bring outside linebacker Cliff Avril in for a visit soon and the Air Rooney gang flew down to Auburn on Monday to watch outside linebacker Quentin Groves work out.

    More on the intriguing Groves later, but Avril is another in a long line of Purdue defensive ends who projects to outside linebacker in the NFL. He's 6'3, 253 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.5 seconds at the combine.

    So, why another outside linebacker? Well, Lawrence Timmons showed last season that he couldn't hold the point and was moved inside. If Clarke Haggans moves on in free agency, the Steelers will be left with only two outside linebackers. A young pass rusher would provide depth next season while learning the scheme, and then possibly force James Harrison inside to replace James Farrior in 2009.
    I like Avril and think he is every bit as good as Spencer was. Could you imagine a linebacking corps of

    **Woodley - Timmons - Harrison - Avril**

    going into next year? That would be quite an awesome group!

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    "Woodley - Timmons - Harrison - Groves" sounds better but more unlikely...

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