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Thread: Myron Cope has passed away..Rest in Peace to a legend :(

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    I read this earlier during school and it didn't hitme until now. A true Steeler legend who helped shape the team in so many ways. The whole Steeler nation will miss Myron. I just can't believe this.

    Can I get one more Yoi!

    "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

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    I got the text this morning and have been bummed out ever since. The Steeler Nation will miss you, RIP Myron.

    sig made by K Train....Thank you!

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    I remember the only time I ever heard him was the buses last game at Hienz Field. Great memories

    "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

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    "Bye now" Myron. You'll be greatly missed

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    Today being an aspiring Sports Broadcaster, and because Myron was my inspiration to go there, and of course being a Steelers Fan, this is absolutely one of the hardest deaths for me to endure. If it wasn't for Myron, I don't know how much I would want to be a Sports Broadcaster today. Hearing his work made me want to go this route. It's just so hard for me to see him go.

    For 35 years he made Steelers Radio Network Broadcasts Great. For 13 seasons I was a live for his final days. But he made listening to those games worthwhile.

    Today Myron, you left us hear on earth in body. Forever more you will live on with us in your spirit. From your crazy antics on the radio, to giving us our famous towel. Thank you for inspiring me to become a Sports Broadcaster, I have been reguarded as the next version of you in my school by past teachers.

    RIP Myron. I will miss you forever.

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    ...In its collective ear today, Pittsburgh can virtually hear his signature sign-off.

    "Bye now!"

    There's another really good article from the PG that tells some good tales about his life.


    from the Trib..

    Of his many unforgettable sayings, Myron Cope once said, "I never planned to use them, they just happened."
    Here's a sampling of expressions Cope used on his radio show or during Steelers broadcasts:

    "Yoi" - Wow
    "Double Yoi" - Even better than Yoi!
    "You betcha!" - I agree
    "Zounds!" - Amazing
    "Okel-dokel" - Okay
    "Gadzooks" - Holy cow
    "Garganzola" - Hogwash
    "How do?" - How do you do?
    "Cincy Bungles" - Cincinnati Bengals
    "Cleve Brownies" - Cleveland Browns
    "Yonkos" - Denver Broncos
    "Emperor Chaz" - Chuck Noll
    "Hmm-hah!" - A stall tactic while Cope gathered his thoughts
    "Cope-a-stethic" - Everything is fine
    "Cope-ra-scope" - Cope's version of a crystal ball
    "Cope-a-nut" - A prize awarded to a talk show caller for an astute observation
    "Bye now" - Cope's signature line when hanging up with a caller
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    I'll never forget, my buddys dad got us front line tickets to training camp at St.Francis and a speacial inite only lunch with a "speacial guest"!!! We had no clue who it would be Bradshaw, Joe Green were some of the guys we'd hoped it would be... and when we got there it was Myron!!! We were just as excited to find out it was him as we were when we thought it could of been a HOF'er from the Dynasty era!!! Needless to say our seat were about a mile away from Copes, but it was still speacial to me to share a meal with a legend in not only Steeler fans eyes, but sports fans everywhere!!!! Double Yoi!!!!!

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    Just saw this now...been so busy...not a good way to start the day.

    RIP Mr. Cope. You'll be sorely missed.

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    A member of my club posted this:

    I first heard word of Myron's passing from my former advisor at my college (Point Park University in Downtown Pittsburgh), and he sent me the article from Just letting you know that you can pass along your condolences at or any of the Pittsburgh news organizations.

    Now that that has been said....

    I want my Steeler Brothers and Sisters to think back and remember their fondest moments of Myron. For me, I can still hear him intoning every Okel-Dokel, Yoi, Hoom-Hah and Muzzle-tov clearly in my mind as I would turn on the TV, Mute it and then bring my portable boombox downstairs and hook it up to listen to Myron, Billy and later Tunch. Yes, Myron was not the best Broadcast voice, but Myron didn't need it. I remember an interview when Myron was roasted by fellow Steelers that the one thing he told the Steelers that he might make some negative comments because he was a fan too. He said "if they do well, I will say they're doing well, but if they're stinking out the joint, I'll say They're Stinking Out The Joint". You have to admire a person willing to be honest.

    I met Myron after he retired, as he was signing autographs at a "Healthy 4 Life" expo at the David Laurence Center. His voice was not that good, so he was relatively quiet. After he signed my towel, I said, "I actually had to imitate you for a high school musical..." and going into my Myron impression, "Do I get your approv-ee-al on the impression?" He gave me the thumbs up and I said, "Yoi and Okel-Dokel!"

    I am asking all Steeler Fans to carry their Terrible Towels with them for the next day or so to show your support for Myron's family and The Steelers as they grieve the loss of a legend, and a very down to earth celebrity. And myron....*Lifting a glass of Iron* Muzzle-Tov!

    The'm not going to hide behind my Sobriquet this time....
    Peace & Yours in Black 'N Gold,


    Many thanks to BR7 (Ron) for the sig and matching avatar

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