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Thread: Myron Cope has passed away..Rest in Peace to a legend :(

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    We lost a true original this morning

    February 27, 2008 11:26 AM

    Steelers fans are mourning the death of veteran broadcaster Myron Cope this morning. Cope, who had been in declining health since his retirement from the radio booth in 2005, was the voice of the franchise for 35 years.

    In that time, he also became the voice of a city. Cope was actually an accomplished writer before he pretty much stumbled into broadcasting at age 40. His catchphrases such as "Double Yoi" and "Dumbkopf" are familiar to any Steelers fan. Those fans always referred to him as "Myron," as if he was a close friend. And that's not far off.

    He was the inventor of the Terrible Towel, which has become one of the most enduring symbols in sports. Cope had such a colorful life that he decided to write two books about himself.

    As more and more voices crowded the radio, Cope's always stood out. He matched his humor and wisdom with an obvious enthusiasm for the home team. When you think of all the great traditions associated with Steelers football, Cope's name is near the top. He didn't have anything close to a radio voice - high and screechy - but it sounded perfect to Steelers fans.

    "I've lost the most creative person I've ever known, a loyal and generous friend, and joy to be with," Joe Gordon, the retired Steelers executive told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. "His accomplishments were just incredible. The characteristic that I most admired was his intensity to get things done, his durability to hang in there with his book, the DVD, the piece that he did for the City Paper; he really had to labor for those.
    "He was such a perfectionist. I'd say to him, 'Myron, all you're doing is changing one sentence and it's taken four days.' "

    Former Pittsburgh Press columnist and sports editor Roy McHugh tells a great story about Cope:

    "He was a true celebrity," said McHugh. "In the '70s, he and I went to closed circuit telecasts of big fights at the Civic Arena. One night as we were leaving we fell in step with [former world light-heavyweight champion] Billy Conn. We couldn't get three or four paces without people wanting Cope's autograph. Conn they ignored."

    Cope was actually born Myron Kopelman. He lived all but seven months of his life in Pittsburgh. In those seven months he took a job at the Erie Time, where his byline was changed to Cope. He eventually took a job at the Post-Gazette, but he made a name for himself as a free-lance writer for some of the top sports magazines in the country.

    On its 50th anniversary, Sports Illustrated cited Cope's profile of Howard Cosell as one of its 50 all-time greatest articles. I never spent any time with Cope, but I know that he enriched thousands of lives, both through his charitable work and his voice.

    His signature sign-off was "Bye now!" And when he passed away this morning, I'm sure that's what he wanted to say to his adoring fans

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    Godspeed, Myron!

    "Commitment to the team - there is no such thing as in-between, you are either in or you're out."-Pat Riley

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    What a huge loss for Steeler Nation. RIP Myron!

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    Yoi and Double Yoi, Myron. You will be missed.
    Who Ride?! WE RIDE!!! Long live the Boot!!!

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    I would imagine Stan Savaran will have something tonight on sportsbeat about it and hopefully FSN will do some type of tribute show about him.

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    My friend who lives in Pittsburgh said everyone is hanging their terrible towels on their windows as a tribute to Myron, she said their are a TON of towels on peoples windows. She said her husband has his business in Dormont and there are alot of people there doing that.

    Thanks Steelers086 for my awesome signature!!!

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    R.I.P. Myron... That chalkboard voice will be missed!

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    HE'LL BE MISSED 4 SURE............

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    A tragic loss for the Steelers Nation today. Its safe to say they broke the mold when the made Myron Cope and there will never be another one like him. A big part of Steelers football just wont seem right without Myron around. Thanks for all the great memories Myron yoi and double yoi you will be missed RIP :-(...

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